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Aelin Therapeutics’ platform fuels a transformative therapeutics pipeline

Our current pipeline: oncology and infectious disease

Aelin Therapeutics is currently advancing programs to candidate selection and early-stage clinical research. We have demonstrated strong proof-of-concept in oncology and infectious disease with two Pept-in compounds progressing to preclinical lead nomination with compelling baseline in vitro data and in vivo pharmacology. We continue to generate new candidates with our proprietary in silico design platform, Athena, for the functional knock-down of mammalian, bacterial, viral and fungal proteins for the treatment of human diseases.

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Reaching undruggable cancer targets

Only 20% of cell proteins can be targeted by conventional therapeutic approaches, with many tumor proteins remaining “undruggable”. Protein degradation has long been viewed as an approach to solve this issue and inhibit key oncoproteins. Aelin Therapeutics is offering a new and powerful approach by harnessing an innate regulatory mechanism: inducing aggregation and misfolding, or preventing the correct folding of target oncoproteins. Aelin’s approach is complimentary to existing cancer therapies and creates a new breadth of therapeutic potential.

Preclinical data of our cancer-targeting Pept-ins demonstrate:

  • Pept-ins enter the cell
  • Pept-ins bind to the oncology protein target (KRAS) in a selective manner
  • Pept-ins induce aggregation of the target protein (KRAS) followed by cell death
  • KRAS Pept-in reduces tumor burden in vivo to the same extent as Trametinib, in KRAS mutant-driven allograft model
Cancer targets

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