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We are an innovative Belgian biotech company with over 35 employees driven by the amazing potential of our science.

Aelin Therapeutics is a privately held Belgian biotherapeutics company, pioneering a novel therapeutic modality.

Aelin Therapeutics’ protein aggregation platform has created a powerful new drug modality that fuels a transformative therapeutics pipeline for hard-to-drug targets in cancer and infectious diseases. By capitalizing on a universal innate mechanism, Aelin’s approach causes targeted proteins to form aggregates resulting in the knock down of protein function and/or proteostatic collapse of pathological cells. The company’s versatile in silico technology applies structural bioinformatics and machine learning to design sequence-specific, cell-permeable Pept-ins with vast potential to treat a range of disease indications.

Aelin is committed to creating a company culture based on three core values:

dare & deliver
1. Dare & Deliver

At Aelin, we have set ourselves an ambitious challenge by navigating through uncharted space. Grit and creativity will help us accomplish our goals.

challenge & care
2. Challenge & Care

We are writing our own revolutionary story, using our scientific curiosity to spark innovation and challenge the application of textbook knowledge to our platform with an open mind.

unlocking the potential
3. Unlocking the potential

As a team, we aim for progress that really matters. By developing truly innovative and impactful therapies, we have an opportunity to revolutionize medicine and make a boundless impact on society.

Aelin Therapeutics team
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Aelin Therapeutics Research Testing
Aelin Therapeutics Team

Our investors

Building on a solid scientific base and a convincing data set, Aelin Therapeutics brings together a strong group of well-reputed investors.

Fund Plus
Boehringer Ingelheim

Our team

At Aelin, we challenge biotechnology as we know it by leveraging a completely novel drug modality. Navigating through uncharted space, we are generating impactful data and carefully base our conclusions on solid evidence because they contribute to life-changing knowledge and life-saving products.

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