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Aelin Therapeutics

Navigating through uncharted space: a pioneering therapeutic approach harnessing the power of protein aggregation

What we do

Going beyond traditional drug discovery, our Pept-in™ technology opens a new avenue for developing transformative therapeutics for hard-to-drug targets and disease indications. Pept-ins can engage with hard-to-drug and intracellular targets in mammals, bacteria and viruses creating a new breadth of therapeutic potential.

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Who we are

By developing our innovative Pept-in platform into life-saving products, we strive to advance novel medicine that truly makes an impact on society. To achieve this, we dare to set ambitious goals and to venture into uncharted territory with a new therapeutic modality. Along this exciting journey we are writing our own revolutionary story, with our compass pointed towards excellence in all our activities – in our experimental design, in our scientific rigor and in our collaborations.

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Our pipeline

Our therapeutic focus

undruggable oncology

Reaching the undruggable in oncology

Our approach of knocking down the function of key oncoproteins and inducing tumor cell death is complimentary to existing cancer therapy strategies: it addresses unsolved challenges of the existing treatment landscape while extending therapeutic power and potential.

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Our team

At Aelin, we challenge biotechnology as we know it, by leveraging a completely novel drug modality. Navigating through uncharted space, we are generating impactful data and carefully basing our conclusions on solid evidence because they contribute to life-changing knowledge and life-saving products.

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